WTS: Random stuff

Hi guys, as many of you know I’ve been buying stuff here in SRK ever since I joined. Well, now is my chance to give back.

Shipping Policy: I will always ship with insurance, sometimes signature confirmation. I will ship via UPS or USPS depending on the size of the shipment and where I’m sending it to. If you’re an international buyer be warned that shipping will be expensive. You WILL get your shipment within 7 days to sending payment if you order within the USA. Shipping costs may vary for $5 to $10 for small to medium items, and $10-$20 for larger items. I will give you an exact amount as soon as you provide me a zip code.

If you live in NJ/NYC/PA local pickup is welcome and encouraged! I go to the weekly SF4 Tournaments in Dunellen, NJ (8otb) so if you want to meet up there this there will be no shipping costs to you. (obviously)

Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may contact me within 2 days of receiving your item. Buyer must pay for return shipping, and you will be refunded the purchase price of the item(s) when I get the items back. Any neglect of the item(s) will result in no refund.

If you want to do trades or anything of that nature please feel free to PM me, I may be interested.

Stick parts!

Note: if you buy (6)+ buttons I will only charge $2 per button.

OBSF-30 Sanwa [$2.50 each]
-Black (8)
-White (18)
-Red/Grey Twisted (2)

OBSF-24 Sanwa [$2.25 each]
White (2)

Semitsu PS-14-GN [$3.00 each]

White/black rim (2)
Green/black rim (1)
Yellow/black rim (1)
Blue/black rim (1)
Red/black rim (1)

Sanwa LB-35 Balltops [$3 each]
White (3)
Dark Grey (1)
Light Grey (1)

Sanwa switch (1) [$2]
Black Sanwa Knock-Offs (3)[$1 each]
Button Plugs (2) [$2 each]
Sanwa JLF [$24]

Custom Dan TE stick, dual modded to work on 360, PS3, and PC. All Sanwa buttons w/ JLF stick.: $325 shipped

Used by the famous Sanford during his Money Matches :lovin:

Sony Vaio Laptop: Model vgn-fs980 $100 original HDD broke, it’s running on a much smaller HDD (I believe it’s 30GB? maybe a bit more, I’ll check if that is an issue for you) though that can easily be replaced.

Original GBA Black - mint condition (except for select button which is missing a piece of itself) : $20

2 posters (both for the event)
1 headband (sealed)
TVC Ultimate Towel
Juri T-Shirt (XXL)
1 comic (Street Fighter II #1 RAW Edition)
1 Viper figure

And the bag it all came in: $100

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Limited Edition: $40 (played once, pretty much brand new (pic isn’t mine)

Sega Pico: $30


Note: Picture is not of my actual Pico system, but it’s missing the paper insert just as this one does

USB Flash Drives

Back to school sale. :lovin:

256MB $1 each (4 pictured on left)
512MB $3 (1 on right side)
1GB $5(1 in middle)

SNAPBOX X20 2GB MP3 player $20

also plays videos and some other stuff, not too sure honestly. I used it for a while and it worked fine for music listening. My phone can play MP3s though so it made it pretty useless.

Limited Edition Cel Art from Phantom Hourglass $15

Only 50,000 made! :rofl:

AOL 3.0 Disk $1

IE? Firefox? Chrome? Get with the times with this AOL 3.0 disk! Browse the internet with state of the art!

PM sent.

Is the Aol disk Windows 7 compatible?

EDIT: In fact, I will buy it if you’ll just toss in in an envelope with a stamp so I don’t have to pay more than the thing costs to ship it.

i wish i could rep you for that aol disk.

Best part is people actually selling the disk for like $8 on ebay. :lol:

im not surprised people collect almost anything nowadays. whatever floats their boat right?

Just so you guys know, I am open to any suggestions and offers if you feel a price is a unfair.

lowered prices on a couple items by a good amount

Do you have any idea how much it would cost to ship the SE stick to Ireland?

What’s the size on that phantom hourglass print?

Didn’t get a change to get an exact measurement, but it’s just a tad smaller than a piece of regular printer paper. If you want I’ll bust out the ruler.

Offer 180 for the fightstick?

It’s $170 in parts alone, let alone all the work that went into actually dual modding it. So I’m sorry, I feel my completed services are worth more than $10.

Taken out of context, that sounds dirty!

But PM sent.


Responded to you with the details.

I’ve lowered the stick to $200+shipping, good deal or no deal?

Ill take the stick for 200 depending on shipping to ireland isnt stupid expensive. Could you work out how much it would cost?

Sorry, shipping would be extremely expensive for all the way out there, and there would be no confirmation of delivery or any of that jazz.

Fair enough

Lol nice AOL disk.