WTS: Rare 2P Sega Astro City Stick **SOLD**

Complete and in immaculate condition with installed Versus City panel, brand new Sanwa JLF (square gate) & OBSNs, Seimitsu balltop, 360/PC compatible, rubber feet on bottom. Wired using an Xbox 360 controller PCB with the following buttons mapped:

X, Y, A, B, LB, RB, D-Pad, Start, Guide.

Note that the images below were taken before inserting the chrome bolts that hold the top panel to the housing. They are included and already installed (and are in perfect condition).

Also included are the 3 original move list inserts, although 2 of them are in rough shape. The Virtua Fighter Kids insert is in good condition.

No adhesives were used so nothing is permanent. The only exception is a small amount of hot glue within the housing to help hold the PCB in place. I did this to avoid drilling into the beautiful housing.

$349 shipped within the US (48 states)






Good luck on the sale.

Price bump.

the title says 2p sega astro city stick, but it looks like a 1p stick to me, but other than that, that is some sexy looking stick, good luck with the sale.

That’s correct. Item is listed as it was originally so that people know which stick I’m referring to. I swapped out the old 2P panel for the Versus panel. Thanks for the comments!

how would one hit the “back” button?

I didn’t wire up the back button since I never use it, but it could be easily added. All I did for the Guide button was use a hole-saw to cut through the top panel and threw in another button.

pm sent


That is very nice looking. I would love to buy it and turn it into a supergun. Really tempting.