WTS: Rare MadCatz Sticks + 3DS + 3DS XL


Hey guys

I decided to sell my sticks. Please PM me with your email if you’re interested.

I’m pretty flexible with prices, so please make an offer.

For sale (all come with the original box)

Chun Li (xbox360) asking for 200 shipped
BlazBlue (xbox360 + dual mod + light blue bezel +light blue sanwa buttons +8-way gate) asking for 180 shipped
Femme Fatale (xbox 360 + dual mod + sanwa violet buttons + violet mesh balltop +8-way gate) asking for 280 shipped
-there’s a mark next to viper’s face. This came as-is from the previous owner.
Comic Con (xbox 360 + dual mod + sanwa orange buttons + orange mesh balltop +8-way gate) asking for 280 shipped
BlazBlue (PS3 + pink bezel + pink sanwa buttons + pink balltop +8-way gate) 150 shipped

I also have a few 3DS for trade/sell. I picked these up through some CL trades. I’m mostly interested in picking up magic the gathering cards, but I will consider all offers.

1 3DS Aqua Blue - 95 shipped
-has a scuff next the right front camera
1 3DS Crimson Red - 105 shipped
1 3DS XL Blue - 125 shipped



Any pics of the 3ds xl?


Yeah, some pics of the 3DS XL


Could you send me pics of your FF stick? I may be interested.


pics plz


photos have been posted to my photobucket. Please PM me if you’re interested