Accepting paypal or venmo or local pickup. located Sacramento Cali
PM or post. Thanks!!

Both arcade stick deserve to be a better collectors hands.

Namco arcade stick BNIB!!
-Rare BNIB only taken out to take pictures
$220 shipped
Untouched new arcade namco stick is juicy ass :slight_smile:

Neo geo Mai edition BNIB!!
-Rare BNIB only taken out to take pictures
$300 shipped
Very f’in rare neogeo stick especially brand new and even better with ultra rare Mai edition. This is the tits :smile:



You should at least take the $20 sticker off the Namco before posting a $220 fleecing. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I sold two that were in essentially new/pristine condition for $40 each but what do I know, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE.

Edit: Sorry dude, that’s not how it works. You don’t get to flag my post into hidden status because you’re salty that you got called out. This isn’t Yelp, you don’t get to remove comments you don’t like.

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Please respect my selling thread.
Thanks for the bump!



He did nothing wrong. You’re trying to rape people :joy::joy::joy:

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Hes trying discredit the items and I don’t appreciate that. Don’t know where you guys coming from to tell anyone else how to price their stuff.
Also I never said I wasn’t open to trades or offers…



Man this guy really has an anger management problem. Just got this in my DMs unsolicited.



This one is selling for 100+ Poor condition

This one doesn’t even show the bottom and in USED condition

Both have you are being unreasonable and bashing my thread for what? I shouldn’t need to post these items to prove my prices.
Please don’t project your personal values onto items your not selling.
Don’t know how I got called out @RageousX. What are you accusing me of? Selling a fake namco?
Yes that was a strongly worded message to you. I hope you enjoyed it



If you’re actually willing to have a discussion about this and not be a twat about it: Sure, something is always worth what someone is willing to pay for it. But something being listed for X amount doesn’t mean it’s actually worth that. Even if it’s rare. Take this for example:


Are these worth between 299-$1000? No. Community consensus is probably around $140 for a used one (because the LED panel and black bezel/sides are hard to find) and 200 BNIB. There’s a lot of this going around, where people think scarcity = value. Stick collecting is way down… for a variety of reasons (people playing on pad more, old games being ported to PS4/PC, etc.). N8monster listed his gold and platinum TE2s (only 24 of each made) and they failed to sell at 500. Three years ago the platinums were going in auctions for over $1200, and going unsold at half that would’ve been unthinkable. But not as many people care anymore, as long as their stick plays on PS4 and PC.

Namcos in boxes - and in good shape - come around pretty consistently, for a lot less than your price. Most people around here know that, so it’s pretty insulting when you walk in with what looks like a thrift store find trying to price it like it’s a 9.8 grade slabbed comic. We had the same reaction when some dude showed up selling TE2 Type-N kits for $200 apiece.



@RageousX Just because you don’t believe in that value doesn’t not mean I have too. Sorry your arguing with a product that’s not yours or even own. I am very much entitled to price the item what I feel is fair, not you. You have no right to judge anyone else’s product other than you own. That was your personal fault for undervaluing what you have.
I don’t agree with you on the availability of the namcos. As I mentioned in my description that my stick is untouched and brand new. Even still smells Like new plastic.
I don’t know what example you just used but speak for yourself and not as the community. While your at it, why don’t you value my neo geo stick for me?



Thanks for a good laugh, OP. These prices are beyond outrageous. Not one damn person on this forum is going to bite on this shit, homeboy. Pass the Dutchey to the left hand side.



@NENDO I’m glad I can make you laugh, but if you do not have an offer please do not post in thread. Thank you for respecting my selling thread.



Since this thread has ceased being a productive thread here. I’m closing it.

The sticks may be way overpriced, but crapping on people’s threads over prices is against the rules.


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