WTS: Rare Nintendo Candy Gummy Lollipops - Fundraiser (w/ pics!)


I am selling these nintendo lollipops, its actually for a friends fundraiser.


1 lollipop = $2.50
Set of 4 = $8.00
Complete box (3x each)= $20.00

prices include shipping.






I am very limited on supply so first come first serve, I can’t hold them for you. I have 2 full boxes, one box I am selling complete only, the other can be separated or sold as whole.


PM’d ya - I’ll take a set of 4.


I’ll take a box of 4 if you have any left.


i want a box :slight_smile:


i pm’ed u… ill take em


i didnt get a PM


Great seller and a decent marvel player.


sold, thank you to all.

bad marvel player now :-/


if you got more i want mario and yoshi =)


True, true.

I beat MegamanDS first to 10 for $500 in a hot dog eating contest.


they are on hold, still have not received payment. I will give until tonight.


back up i guess, no payment


let me get a mario and yoshi. i will paypal you later tonight.


nvm, all sold. sorry. Thanks to all!


bump, received 2 FRESH boxes today.


ok, got 2 full complete boxes left.