WTS: Rare PS2 Fighting Games, RPGs, and More!

I’m getting rid of my old fighting game collection to pay for college. Yeah I know it’s sad. All prices does not include shipping unless otherwise noted. Enjoy.

For PS2:

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Mint - Sold


Capcom vs SNK 2: Mint - Sold


Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore: Mint - $15


Street Fighter EX3: The book has little wear on it but the game works fine - $15


Tekken 5: Mint - Sold


For PS1:

Wild Arms 2: Mint and rare - $20


Gundam Battle Assault 2: Mint and Rare - $10


Cool kicks!:

Nike R3 shoes!: Brand New, never worn, sitting in my brother’s closet, Size US 10 - Sold



All prices are negotiable and shipping cost will depend on your location. Cheers!

Also if your total purchase is over 50$ you have the choice of receiving Tekken 5 or Gundam Battle Assault 2 for free. Just let me know.

I’m not gonna buy the shoes, but maybe you should put up a size.

Thanks mike. Edited Shoe size.

I’m going to let these sit for a few more days then they are going on Ebay. Get them while you can.

Price dropped. Ebay after 1 week

fuck i new those shoes would sell b4 i could buy them =[

Hold on Wild Arms 2 is now over.

All PMs replied to.

Everything but the shoes still available.

Prices Updated.

MVC2 and CVS2 are mine!

MVC2, CVS2, and T5 are sold.

has anybody that has bought from kenny 99208 gotten their items? i still have yet to receive mine and the bastard has yet to respond to my repeated messages. i know how to file a dispute through paypal but jeez! i hate having to do this.

i’ve had to do this once here and like 3 times on xbox scene it sucks :(. hope you get ur cash back.

ahh, screw it. i was gonna give him the allotted 72 hours but i don’t feel like being a nice guy anymore. he’ll either send it because he’s forced to or the money will take a u-turn back to my account. thanks paypal. =D

that’s what happened with me 2 weeks ago. i disputed and he instantly sent it. the item arrived the day paypal was going to reverse it and give my money back lol. he got lucky.

looks like i finally got my items. though FAR FROM MINT (as stated), i’m just glad he didn’t try to jack me. i just wished he had been more responsive.

damn kenny, my capcom vs snk 2 don’t work. you better man up to this shit! i’m pissed cuz you said MINT! none of my fucking games are mint! and to make things worse, 1 of them doesn’t work.