WTS - RD1 Art / Happ Buttons - WTB G1 Transformers


Update: Changed title, and asking for G1 transformers cassettes (the toys, from Blaster and Soundwave)

I have alot of stuff… check it all, pulled art and bezels from my sticks finally, instead of just covering it up.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS - PM ME ! - Shipping is not included, unless noted. I’ve got access to a pc, most hours of the day, and don’t mind answering even dumb questions, since I ask dumb ones all the time.

Round 1 TE Art (PS3) - $5.00 (card board braces when shipped, like when you get plexi from Art)

Official Madcatz Nintendo Gameboy SP headphones adapter - $2.00

Happ Concave Competition Push Buttons - $0.50 each

Still available, are the following…
2x Red
2x Blue

PSX JPN Import - Battle Arena Toshinden 2 PLUS - $3.00 includes shipping

PS2 - King of Fighters XI - $8.00 includes shipping

Unknown Manufacturer PS1/2 to Gamecube or Xbox1 converter - $6.00

Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless Router - $15.00
I got it, the wireless bit stopped working, I got a new one, the wireless might be working but I didn’t have the time to mess with it when I replaced it. Still works as a physical router and the wireless might still work. You get to find out.

Linksys WMP54G Wireless network adapter - $5.00
Pulled this from my brothers PC when he got a laptop with wireless built in.
Works, but no antenna (technically, its not super important, but makes it so you have to be closer to the WAP or not be in a led walled bunker to get decent speeds)

MC Cthulhu x2 - $29.00SOLD!!
One is used, one is never out of the bag.
Mayflash Super Dual Box Pro (PSX/PS2 to USB Converter) - $4.50 includes shipping SOLD!!
Happ Concave Competition Push Buttons - $0.50 eachSOLD!!
1x Player 1
Also selling the Bezel that came with the Round 1 TE - $5.00 each SOLD!!
(Red and Blue - Red one has a little wear, but not really noticeable, Blue is SOLD!!)
Smart Joy PS1/2 to USB Adapter - $5.00 includes shipping SOLD!!
6 foot PS1/2 Controller extension cable - $3.00 includes shippingSOLD!!
TE-S - Black - Xbox 360 - $90 SOLD!!
Its been used, its got a bat top, and I kept the dark hai buttons.
Original Box is available too.
Japanese 4mb Cart for Sega Saturn - $7.00 SOLD!!
(this works on US saturns as well)
Selling my “Training Wheels” - Round 1 TE Case - $45.00 SOLD!!
I learned a lot about modding with this Round 1 Case. I’ve got both R1/R2 cases now, and a Blazblue TE.
Also 2 customs and a surprise for myself next month.
-Art Full Panel plexi (no turbo area)
-Plexi is used for sure, but no major scratches or anything
-No buttons - I learned how to safely remove OBSF buttons the hard way.
-has a widened hole for the usb plug inside the cord compartment, yea, not pretty, but hidden.
-Comes with stock JLF (black bat top, square gate)
-LOST one of the rubber footings, but the other three are included in a baggie
Blazblue TE Art and Bezel - 11.00
Happ Concave Competition Push Buttons - $0.50 each
9x White and 1x Red
Happ Ultimate Joystick (Black Bat Top) - $6.00
Sanwa OBSF-30 - $1.50 each
6x White
2x Black
Pulled after a few months use on my first TE.
Sanwa OBSN-30 - 1.50 each
6x White
Sanwa Black Ball Top - $1.50
Pulled off a TE-S for a bat top replacement.
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK - $14.00 (never actually used)
QCF Gaming Slim Sanwa Vewlix Layout Case - $18.00 (maybe 3 for shipping)
I got this and used it for a week, decided i wanted to paint it, primed and sanded it about 5 times, forgot about it, got a second TE stick, and now I don’t need it. It’s got a vewlix layout and plexi, it needs prime and sand once more i think then paint.
QCF Gaming Happ Case with Sega layout - $14.00 (4 or so for shipping, its heavy)
I got this, used it without painting, then got the one above this, and used it, then got a second TE, solid case. It too has been primed and sanded a few times, needs a little love and paint.


pm’d for items






Pm’d for case and sanwa buttons


pm’d for the case




Happ stick and 9 white 1 red buttons on hold for payment, expected soon.


6x OBSNs on hold, payment incomming


QCF slim case on hold, payment incomming ( I hope )

NOTE!!! All items are going to the first responses, unless your name is Meus, and while I like you, I’m not sending to canada anymore lol.


pm replied


Why what happen. The game u send to me wasn’t that much in post fees. I’m sad u u wouldnt ship items to me anymore. I never had problem shipping to USA. Anyways let me know about the jlf then. I have a friend i can ship in USA. Thanks.


Hey, can I get an update to the items I inquired about? I was ready to pay when I sent you the pm


payment sent


Updated post ( OBSN’s sold ), replied to Kasprfoto

All items are available until I pull the picture and list as sold, I’m going with first responses and answering all pm’s and then whoever gets back to me and sends payment gets the items.

Oh, and I’m going to sleep now, 3:30pm eastern time, and will be back to sort out messages and stuff around 11:30pm eastern time.

-Still wishing someone would trade me for some semitsu’s


If the deal for the QCF slim falls through, I’ll grab it.


Well, let me know if the QCF case is available for me according to my PM number.

Also, does the Mayflash convertor work for PSX -> PS3?




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i too slow on these deals! omg if any of those cases dont work out i’ll grab them!