WTS - Re-purposed Hori HRAP 3 with MKII Design - Brook Board, Art's Hobbies Plexi & TLs, Sanwa Parts


EDIT (5/15/16) - price now negotiable


Hey, everyone. So, in an effort to make a little cash, I decided to start re-purposing my arcade sticks that I don’t use anymore and give them new homes. The first one up is My 2nd stick ever that I got back in '09 when SFIV came out. It was a PS3 HRAP, but as you can see, the factory settings have long been removed from the stick. That said, all of the functionality is still there. “Home” / “PS” is now on top of the case and everything is accounted for except turbo. There IS an extra button on the right side that you can use for turbo, but I never bothered wiring it up.

It’s got all Sanwa parts. For all you modders out there, I have a plexi cover from Art’s Hobbies as well as the HRAP top loaders installed for easy access through the top, and a Brook Universal Fighting Board with a USB A-B cable. I went for a Mortal Kombat II design. If you don’t like MKII, I do fightstick art commissions and would be willing to design something new for the buyer for no added cost.

Admittedly, the case has a good amount of scratches on it. It’s only visible in a LOT of light since it’s a black case. The bottom panel’s also been repainted.

Asking price - $200 shipped (willing to negotiate)

Thanks! DM me if you’re interested!

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