WTS: REAL Ps2--Ps3/PC converter

$35.00 shipped OBO, pictures available. PM for more information

Bump price drop

How much extra to ship to Canada via priority mail international?

yo does this thing have input lag when using ps2 controllers//hrap/saturn controllers on the ps3? been trying to find a lag free one for a while.

Not at all REAL and Pelican are some of the best converters. Ive tested for pc, and ps3 no lag.

Real converter will not work on a PS2 pad well at all, everything else is fine with it.

Youve got to be out of your mind my friend plays with a pad i use a ps2 dual shock for wipeout HD i have a HRAP 2 sa that i use on it and it works just as good as my hrap 3 av usb.