WTS: REAL PS2 to PS3 adapter -- SOLD


^ bump

got any pictures of the adapter?

^bump. I don’t have a picture of the adapter, but it’s one I bought from mycarryingcase.com. It’s the real thing with packaging.

FYI. 13 is approximately $25.

Is the adaptor still for sale?

It’s pending sale to hakdizzle who PM’d me. I’ve sent him my paypal details, but if the transaction falls through, then I’ll let you know.

I’ve received no payment or response to my 2 PM’s that I sent to hakdizzle, so I’m not f*cking around and am offering this back for sale.

These are sold out at mycarryingcase.com, because production has halted due to the olympic games. So grab one off me while it’s still available.

PM sent to you yesterday. Cheers

Colin. You’re the first to PM me, so therefore you have the right to purchase it first over the others.

The other two expressing interest to buy this adapter is:
2. LongshotUK
3. Slipstream_LDN

If you don’t want it, please let me know ASAP, and I’ll offer it to Longshot first, and then Slipstream. Thanks.

Payment Sent. Cheers

Payment received. This is now SOLD. Thanks.