WTS Refurbished PS2

I have a newly refurbished PS2 original system with duel shock controller av and power cables, as well as a Sony brand network adapter for sale. i will also include a 1 year extended warranty plan with the system covering the system as well as the accessories. I am asking $70 or BO, but I would much rather make a trade for marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the PS2 or DC, or a fighting stick. I can provide pictures on request. The warranty is valid from now until August 8, 2008.


i’m interested.



Erf… You changed the price here after I saw your post and then you’re trying to tell me you want 89+?

Sorry. No deal.

This is why you quote the price in your post.

Hold lifted price back down to $70 with shipping included. If anyone is interested in trading for a joystick or MVC2 we could do an even swap.