WTS: River city (ps4)

Open to all reasonable offers, Paypal at the ready, PM me. only shipping in the US

For sale:

River City Melee : Battle Royal Special for ps4. Brand new sealed. $30 shipped in the US

I’m pretty sure @“Jasen Hicks” is selling his Vewlix.

unfortunately, he sold all his cabs he was willing to part with to a single guy. thanks for the heads up though!

Bump added item

Good luck with your sale! I posted the same thing for sale without noticing your thread, so please accept this bump. Mine is not any cheaper, and I’ve got a link directing people over here.

price drop, and items added

Interested in the EVO dvds

pm sent

EVO dvds sold

Am i crazy or have you been trying to sell those Evo DVDs for YEARS?

lol, i bought some, sold some, now selling the last of what i have.

oh so thats what that is. i was wondering like i KNOW ive seen this dude selling these dvds for what feels like forever. I got excited like “did he finally sell them?!?!”

Either way im happy those DVDs found a home :slight_smile:

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updated prices

updated with new items and pictures

is that the digital deluxe version of deux ex?

Idk the name, but included dlc.

Also sorry item sold. Updated list

great seller here! You Sexy mofo! :slight_smile:

Are you willing to sell any of your Saturn games separately?

Not currently, im trying to sell it as bundle. If that changes ill PM you.

Bump, price drop on saturn bundle