WTS: RJ-45 and Extension cables, TE bezels, SE case, QCF Happ case

PM/Convo if interested or have any questions. Thanks!

I have a few extension cables available for sale. All cables are 6ft long. $5 each, 2 for $8, or 3 for $10


  • 1x Grey
  • 2x Clear
  • 8x Black


  • 8x Grey
  • 1x White


  • 8x Black (Brand New - Never Used)


  • 1x Grey (Brand New - Never Used)


  • 6x Black (Brand New - Never Used)


  • 1x Black 15ft A/B (Brand New - Never Used)

I can also make any of these into RJ-45 cables, but RJ-45 prices will apply

RJ-45 cables - $10 each shipped, 2 for $9 each, 3 or more $8 each


  • 2x Black


  • 6x Grey


  • 4x Black plug
  • 1x Purple plug


  • 1x Grey


  • 1x Black


  • 1x Black breakaway

TE Bezels $9 each + shipping

  • 1x White - painted with vinyl dye
  • 1x Black - painted with vinyl dye
  • 1x Red - original Rd1/Rd2 bezel

Seimitsu PS-15 buttons with matching ball-top $16 shipped
6x Jungle Green

Madcatz SE case $20 + shipping
No PCB, painted black using vinyl dye, yellow 24mm Seimitsu start/select buttons, filled in the turbo/guide panel using putty

QCF HAPP case $25 + shipping OBO
Previously painted, but sanded off all old paint from surface. Insides are still white

Mayflash 3 in 1 Magic Box (PS2, GC, Xbox to USB) $20 shipped

6x Seimitsu Blue PS 14 G sold to …Kyle
1 DC RJ-45 cables sold to …tuxedo
1 DC RJ-45 cables sold to …ketchy kech
2 DC RJ-45 cables sold to …aggro crag
Orange bezel sold locally
Madcatz PS3 Round 1 case…to R2J
Seimitsu LS-55-01…to R2J
Seimitsu LS-32 Circle Gate…to R2J
Turbo/Guide Panel with all cables still attached…to R2J
Wii console complete w/box…to onganju
Madcatz JLF Shaft Cover - Orange…to Hi5ive
PS3 Prince of Persia and Lost Planet 2…to ibeatu
Sanwa JLF-P-1 Mounting Plate & Toodles Imp Switch - Brand New …to jamesepoop
Wii Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars…to meus
Madcatz SF4 Ken Fightpad 360 …to hakdizzle

Can you put the Joystick harness on hold for me until Sunday? My friend needs one and I’ll see if he’s interested.


PM replied

need that harness.

If u haven’t shipped 5ive’s stuff and the Joystick harness is still up for grabs put our order together ill pay once u get this message

Added MC 360 Fightpad…updated sold items

go ahead and take it sswizz, don’t really NEED IT need it

Payment sent for controller

Interested in both the Ken Fight Pad and the buttons. Check your PM’s.

All items that were sold have been shipped. Hopefully everyone gets their stuff soon. Dropped the price on Fallout 3 CE.

Updated sold items…added PS3 TE case and LS-55-01 joystick

Dropped the price on the TE case and updated the listing since I took out the PCB

Added TE empty case, Wii TvC stick, and orange TE bezel w/ dust-cover


PM sent, good luck getting the rest of that stuff out there. :wgrin:

Added Dreamcast RJ-45 cables

Can you put one on hold, after I pay tuition I want to see if I have enough to spare.

Is this still available or can I place an order for 2 dreamcast rj45s?

Added more cables for other systems, extension cables, and Seimitsu buttons