WTS: Rough Shape Empty Shell Arcade Stick

Here it is. It is in very rough condition with cracked plexi on top as well as the bottom. It does not affect the performance. This is a solidly built stick (frame wise). Its perfect for someone who wants to try out and make a joystick work. The art is easily replaceable. The rust looks worse than it is. And the bottom crack in the plexi makes it easy to remove haha. seriously though.

Made for use with a Sanwa JLF Joystick
(6) 30mm Japanese Buttons
(2) 24mm Japanese Buttons

Authentic Blast City 1P Layout (ie HRAP2, VSHG, Versus City)

Asking $55 shipped. (priority shipping is about $20 bucks on this)

Will trade for 6 sanwa 30mm buttons




price drop.

6 sanwa 30mm buttons for this is a pretty good deal.

I’d do it if I had the buttons.

alot of potencial, it wont take alot to bring this back to shape.