WTS Round 1 360 TE(Barely Used)


WTS my xbox 360 te for $110. Barely used.I Will go to WNF or The Runback to sell.


Selling this for $20 because I think the game is horrible. I will be attending WNF for whoever wants it. willing to trade for KOF 13.


25 each. Will Be at WNF


25 each. Will be at WNF.


There’s no need to make 4 different threads for 4 different items, so I merged everything together. Please edit your business appropriately, thank you.




I’ve got this Android Tablet for trade for your copy of UMVC3 for PS3 if you’re interested. Can meet you at WNF


Is it new?


It’s factory refurbished, but I haven’t opened it at all. It’s unopened “new” in box, but it’s a manufacturer refurbished. Worth about $55 on amazon for your $25 UMVC3 for PS3


Sorry but I dont really need a tablet atm


for sure, just trying to get rid of this thing for something I can use. good luck with sales


do you have any pics of the TE???


I would like to buy the te pictures?


Ill post the pics tommarrow sorry for the delay. Are you for a pickup at Super Arcade?


Is it the TE with the REV B PCB board?


idk what that is :confused:


some of the earlier shipments of these sticks had problems. When did you buy yours?