WTS: Round 1 Madcatz Tournament Edition Fight Stick PS3


Up for sale is a Round 1 Madcatz Tournament Edition Fight Stick for the PS3. The case/metal plate is about a year old; however, I swapped the BRAND NEW sanwa OBSF-30s and JLF from a round 2 I got recently into this stick. So the case is used, but the buttons/stick have maybe an hour of playtime.

Selling it for $72+$15(shipping) via paypal. If shipping turns out to be less, I’ll paypal it back to you. I will probably ship it in a smaller box to cut on costs, but if you want the original box I will gladly ship it but you might have to cover the difference.

Here’s a pic:


PM, post here, or email me at fc10(AT)fsu.edu



Price drop!




You aren’t allowed to bump without a reason.


Wish I saw this before I bought my TE


I dropped the price again -.-


its true he dropped price.


PM sent.


Alright, couldn’t tell, sorry, maybe saying price drop would help.


PM’ed back

No worries : )


How is the pcb holding up?


PCB works 100%. I haven’t had any issues with it, and hell if it weren’t for me never using this one (I use a dual modded TE), I wouldn’t sell it but I just built a new PC and could use the cash : /


I wish it was for 360. Good price tho. :tup:


Thanks : )