WTS: RRoD Xbox 360 - $30

I’m selling my RRoD Xbox360, it’s been collecting dust just trying to get rid of it. comes with all the power and component cables… also comes with a 20gb hard drive… NO CONTROLLERS.

NEVER BEEN OPENED, i was going to repair it, but never got around to it

$30 obo

i prefer pick up, but if you want me to pay shipping we can calculate the price for that


You don’t happen to know which type of Red ring do you? I’ve been repairing consoles for years, and this peaks my interest.

i have no idea, but if you can tell me how to check i would gladly check for you

When you turn on the system (and see the red ring) hold the sync button and press the eject button 4 times. Each press will display a different arrangement of red lights. 1 light means a one. 2 lights means two 3 lights means three and all 4 lights means 0.
Ex. after pressing it a couple of times you will get a sequence if numbers like 1202. There are like 70+ different Red rings and some of them are quite treatable or at least indicate which parts of the board are still good. There is a guide on how to do it online if my instructions confused you (I confuse myself all the time)