WTS: Sale to get funds

I’m selling various things to get a new PS3 as mine has gotten the big YLOD. Tis an unfortunate event but actions must be taken to recover from such a lost!

  1. Dell Studio 1558 silver no hard drive, asking $140
    The laptop turns on but the screen is black and nothing happens then it shuts down after a set time. It’s a 15.6" screen with a 1st gen. i3 and 4GB or RAM. Great for school and web browsing. It also has a light up keyboard but the TAB key has come off. comes with a third party AC cable and Dell brand Battery.

  2. Pink Xbox 360 wireless controller asking $25.
    There is no battery cover with it. Just the controller.

  3. A Whole lot of N64 stuff! please pm for price of each individual item.
    WARNING as I don’t have a working N64 to test these games I don’t know which ones will work or will not work. Before shipping I will clean carts.
    2x Official Grey Controllers
    1xOfficial Memory expansion
    1x Mario Kart 64
    1x Buck Bumble
    2x Star Wars Episode 1 Racer
    1x Rugrats Scavenger Hunt
    1x Pokemon Snap
    1x Pokemon Stadium
    1x Pokemon Stadium 2 (gold /silver cart)
    1x Gex 64
    1x NFL Blitz
    1x Glover
    1x Rainbow Six (black cart)

  4. Nyko InterCooler asking $30
    I used it in the summer and tested it. It is for the PS3 Fat. One of the fans is extremely loud but does it’s job. These are hard to come by.

  5. Pink GBA $10
    there is no battery cover for it.

    Ninja Gaiden Black for OG Xbox $15
    Brute Force in Hollywood Video box $3
    XBOX 360
    Boardlands for $10
    Phantasy Star Universe $7
    Monster Hunter Tri $15

More coming soon…

How did you brake everything?

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