WTS: / Samson CO1U USB Mic/ Game/ HD CAM *SOLD*

I am selling a Samson CO1U USB Studio Condenser Microphone. You will be getting
the Microphone, Desktop Tripod, Software Disc, USB Cable, and the original box. No shockmount.

It’s perfect for Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, I’ve used this microphone for my acoustic and a little bit of vocals and it’s really clear for it’s price.

$45 Shipped. (It’s $100 Retail, so yeah. . . .)


Ninja Gaiden 2 (x360),Comes with original case, no manual.
$13 Shipped.


good condition.

All items must paid with PayPal, and I will ship 3 days upon receiving payment.
Thank You! Start Buying!

so apparently, no one buys anything. . . .

price drop dvd

You still got that resistance?

I’m interested in the mic. I know it comes with the software, mount and usb but does it also come with the cakewalk software? I’ve seen this mic come bundled with the software. If it does, I would be interested. Please PM me. Also, has the cakewalk program been registered?

Edit: Dude, you’re from my area! I’m in the NYC/ Staten Island area so no need to ship. Yeah, PM me.

Did you decide not to sell the mic? I tried to contact you via PM.

i pm’d you.

if you havent noticed i gave you an extra dolla. :slight_smile:

lol, yeah, I was puzzled. lol.

Added a freakin’ killer deal!

Wow, If you dont get rid of it soon I might have to take it off your hands :smiley:

I pm’d u mystic!

bumping this awesome deal!

My sister is in the market for a camcorder soon. I’ll talk to her about it tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Amazing price on the combo btw. If I had the cash I’d take it for sure.

pm’d squallio.

HD Cam is Sold!! Mic and NGII still up!