WTS: Sanwa Arcade Parts


All the Sanwa Buttons are swapped out with different color.I’m selling them for $24/each set shipped. Brand new and never used.
(white/pink- snap ins 30mm) (SOLD)
(red/white- screw in 30mm)
I have six 35mm balls Price Bump
6 Balltops in various Color- 18 shipped

I also have a JLF Octogate(slightly used)-5(Locked Down at the Moment)
Empty Mayflash Shell (no screws included)- 12(SOLD)
Everything will be included for shipping, only in the US.


i like your balls. har har har


if I have the funds early next week I will gladly take the jlf octag off your hands, and possibly the mayflash case for a friend if I can find a reliable way to mount a jlf into it.


If you aren’t holding the gate for bmanrik, I’ll take it.


if astro wants the gate you can sell it, no need to hold it.





Network, I can’t PM yet, if you can PM me paypal address I can send payment.


interested in the octa
will let u know really soon


The balltops are now lowered for 18 for the whole set shipped.


would u sell the balltops individually?


is the octagate still available? PM sent


call down on that octogate as well.


How much for the red and yellow balltops? Also, if you’d like to bundle the octo-gate, then that too? Zip code is 01002.