WTS: Sanwa Button Sets White/Mixed, Wii JoyBox Converter/360 Fight Pad


Sanwa Buttons are barley used and really don’t have any need for them.

**6 Sanwa OBSF-30 White, 2 24mm Colored Body with Clear Plunger White, and White Ball Top.
$23 - Free Shipping for the Whole Set.**SOLD

6 Sanwa OBSF-30 Yellow/White, 2 Happ Start and Select buttons Yellow, and Yellow Ball top or White ball top of choice.
$17 - Free Shipping for Whole Set. **** SOLD

These converters are in like new conditions I barley used them since I already have a TvC Stick for the Wii and I just brought them for my friends when they came over with there Hori PS2 Sticks. I have one Joybox with a Box and One without I couldn’t find the other box but both are in good working conditions. I also have 1 Pelican PS3/PS2 converter Like new barley used either.

JoyBox Wii/GC Converter - $15 Each - Free Shipping

Also Selling like New Transformers War for Cybertron Game for the PS3. It’s in like new condition and was just brought like 4 days ago. Played it once and didn’t really liked it.
Transformers: War for Cybertron PS3 - $50 Free Shipping** SOLD

Also selling like new XBox 360 Super Street Fighter 4 Ryu Pad like New Only used maybe like 3 - 4 Times because I have a stick that I use and my wife wanted to play on pad but quit playing.

Xbox 360 Super Street Fighter 4 - Ryu Pad - $20 Free Shipping SOLD


Only Accepting Paypal Payments, and Only shipping in the US for now. All Items will be shipped once payment is made, and will have a tracking number for it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thank You!


Bump* Lowered Price on Items


if the pelican falls through, i’ll buy immediately


And if they both fall through please put me next in line


I WIN! :woot:


bump Lowered Price on Converters and added a few things.


I see you’re selling Transformers: WFC, on any chance do you have one of the DLC codes that you would be willing to sell?


^^ No sorry


bump Lowered price on Pad and Converters again If you buy both Converters it would be $25 Free Shipping So $5 Less. I know someone out there needs a Wii/GC Converter :lol:


PM’d about our deal for the WFC game.


PM’d back on the deal


bump Added some sanwa buttons that are barley used for sale.


Interested in the White Buttons.




lowered price on yellow and white sanwa set.


pm’d bout the yellow white set