WTS: Sanwa buttons, ball top [SOLD] Please Close

I have some spare parts for sale:

[]SOLD 1 Set of 6 Dark Hai (black/gray plunger) OBSF-30 (30mm, snap-in) buttons - $18 + shipping
]SOLD 1 Set of 6 Pink OBSF-30 (30mm, snap-in) buttons - $18 + shipping
[]SOLD 1 Set of 6 Red OBSF-24 (24mm, snap-in) buttons - $13 + shipping
]SOLD 1 **Dark Hai **(gray) ball top - $3 + shipping
All parts are brand new and unused. I prefer to keep all the buttons as sets for convenience.

Shipping is a flat $5 in the U.S. for any amount of items. Paypal only please.****

i’ll take the 6 dark hai buttons and dark hai balltop.

i’ll take the pink buttons

Moocus, NamyNam
I PM’d both of you

awesome, payment sent!

Dark Hai parts are sold!

Pm sent.
gimme gimme

PM Replied

All parts are either sold or currently pending and awaiting payment.

All items are now sold!

payment sent.

All items shipped and tracking info PM’d. Thanks for the quick sales everyone!

Mods, please close this thread