WTS : Sanwa buttons

Six 30mm Sanwa buttons. Yellow Rims, Red Plungers. All ready for your Hulk Hogan stick!!! LOL The micro switches HAD solder on them, but I removed it with a desoldering braid and they can now use quick disconnects. $14 shipped


Thanks in advance.

Brand New LS-32-01 sold to LeSage
Used LS-32-01 traded to ExMachina

Would you take a used JLF?

How used are we talking?

2 months of use <_<

Does it come with a shaft cover and dust washer?

Dust protector yes but I do not have a shaft cover.

Hmmm… those dust covers usually don’t fit well without the shaft cover. Does it move a lot while playing? I know its weird, but this one would not be for myself. Maybe you should send it to me so I can check it out myself.

EDIT : I can actually just buy a shaft cover for it. Not a big deal. I will check it out and if all is ok, i will send you my LS-32-01. I will PM you my address. Thanks!

Ok…, all that crap and now he wants to think about it and test his friends out first…

Both Seimitsus still for sale / trade.

Don’t forget guys, you don’t HAVE to trade with me. I will take straight cash. I accept paypal. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know what you guys want… PICTURES!

First post updated pictures and lower prices.

i have a friend with a used jlf that will trade for your used ls32. you keep the harness since its going in his hrap2. Comes with a new ls32 spring inside it. Or i can put a jlf spring back in it for you. Its my friend but if you decide to do it, ill be the one handling it. LMK whats up

I’m use to dark hai buttons being black rim/gray plunger. Are these gray rims and white plunger? The flash makes them look kinda silver lol.

I have a JLW with a circle gate but the plugs for these are bigger than usual. I think they’re 187’s instead of 110’s. I would be interested in the LS32 new. My JLW is brand new. You can see a pic on lizard lick cause thats where I bought it.

AJ - PM’ed

Orphen - Yea, it is the flash. They are Black rim, grey plunger.

4lefty - Sorry, I need JLF. I don’t know anything about the JLW really lol.

No problem dude :wink:

Ok, well… no one has responded to any of my PM’s so, these are still available if people were interested.


PM sent concerning them Dark Hai buttons.

Brand new LS-32-01 sold.

.Cobra, I think I am actually going to keep the Dark Hais. I have a lot of projects that I can use them for.

I don’t know why. but i must have those hulk hogan buttons. let me know!!