WTS : Sanwa buttons


sad face :sad:

Oh well, I’ll just keep an eye open for some more buttons, then.


PM sent.


Kenshinhimora means the Sanwa JL-PP1.
That is the stock Dust Disc that comes with non-SK variants.


PM sent.


hulk hogan buttons still available? would you ship to canada? m9w2c6…


Yes. The red and yellow Sanwa’s are still available. I will ship to Canada for a few extra dollars. $5 should be enough. These things aren’t heavy. Let me know. :china:

Used LS-32-01 is officially on hold pending a trade.


What the hell? In the last twelve hours I have gotten at least 7 offers regarding the joysticks. The thread was started over a week ago and almost no one was interested. Where were all of you people then? lol


Just wanted to say thanks! I got the LS-32 today and immediately installed it in my TE. I only jumped on the trade after a lot of hesitation because I’ve been trying to avoid spending even more money on stick stuff, heh. But curiosity got the better of me since I’ve been wanting to try out a Seimitsu stick for a while (never played on one before) and this trade was too good to pass up.



Glad everything worked out for you and thanks for being willing to send your stick first. Seimitsu’s are great for Street Fighter… But I am really a Tekken player and they do not work so well for that game in my experiences. That’s the only reason why I gave them up.

The red and yellow buttons are still available…