WTS Sanwa, clone parts

Hey guys,

I was able to trade for an LS-32-01 stick which i’m happy about, now i’m selling the following items to get some money to buy buttons and stuff :slight_smile: For sale are the following items, all prices are shipped to canada or u.s.

9 slightly used white sanwas - sold to demonpossessed

2 new Ball tops - 4.50 USD shipped or 8 USD for both

5 used mad catz SE buttons - 6 USD

SE JFL clone stick - new - 15 USD

SE JFL clone stick - used - 12 USD
or 25 USD for both

18mm Sanwa button goes to first buyer

50 USD takes it all!


bump, some one’s got to have something to trade.

last bump before i put stuff up for sale since i haven’t had much interest.

let me know if you decided to sell. I am interested in the jlf from lizard lick and 4 of the white sanwa buttons. let me know how much you want for it.

sorry demonpossessed, i was able to trade a jfl for an ls-32-01, thanks for your offer.

I’ll take the 9 sanwa buttons for 20. pm me your paypal address

pm replied to.

bump- buy my cheap stuff please.

bumping it up to the top

I’ll take those 9 sanwas. pm me your paypal. (I know last time I backed out because I found another deal but the shipping carrier lost almost all of them… so I still need the buttons)

payment sent for the 9 sanwa buttons.

last bump before i give this stuff away.