WTS: Sanwa Complete Custom

This thing is too pretty to just sit around, and I actually prefer building them to using them so here we go!

Just finished and cleaned up to perfection!

[]Official Xbox 360 wireless controler connected to the Xbox Play and Charge kit
]Sanwa Custom JLF: LS 33 Spring Mod + Happ Cherry Microswitches (original JLF parts will be included as well, I’ll even install them if you would like the JLF to feel like it does stock… but you should definatly try the stick as is, it’s amazing)
[]JLF CD kit (shaft cover) & Special Edition Blue Meshball
]Comes with an octagonal restrictor plate, but I will include the square one
[]Sanwa RG face buttons tied to X, Y, A, B, RB, & LB (2x Yellow, 2x Orange, 2x Red)
]Seimitsu System Buttons tied to Start, Back, Sync, & Home (3x PS-14-D-N(Clear) 24mm & 1x PS-14-G-N(Clear) 30mm)
[]Plexi overlay with Evangelion art
]Red oak case stained Golden Pecan and finished smooth with polyeurothaine
[]Charge port is located under the stick for a seemless look, and the Xbox button shines Red while charging. (USB charge cable included)
]Play surface measures to 8" x 12" Entire Box measures 3" x 13.5" x 9.5"
[]Weighs in at 5.2 lbs
]Black foam lines the bottom for a clean and completed look, as well as small rubber feet to hoist the box up and make it easy for carry.

Pics are a little less saturated than the actual product (it’s more colorful in person)

With the Custom JLF and Sanwa RG’s it’ll last forever, one of the best sticks money can buy!

Asking $350 OBO shipped to you

one word, my friend. ebay.

very nice stick though

Holy hell, that thing is beautiful.

If I owned a 360 I would jump on this for sure.

looks really good… will think about it when I get my tax money

Super nice, I’m sure you’ll find a collector to snatch this up.

Very nice indeed, though I want to pose the question, how does the Cherry Switches change the feeling of the stick? I’ve heard of people doing this but I’ve never quite asked them. Is just more sensitive? Less clicky? More responsive?

Also, how do you set that up? Since it’s a JLF, do you have to solder them to the PCB? or just use quick disconnects?

I can comment on the Cherry Ultimate mod. It is so smooth, sensitive and its also SUPER QUIET (can barely hear the clicks), the feeling is difficult to describe with words but trust me, I LOVE that setup. As for the wiring, you can connect all the grounds together either via solder or QDS and ditch the original Sanwa PCB, I believe OP did the way I described.

My goodness, this is one of the Most well-built and MOST BEAUTIFUL custom I’ve seen. LS33 + Cherry on JLF = HEAVENLY!!! Use of RG buttons means this stick should last FOREVER! The custom charging and LED mod is just AMAZING and to top it off being wireless, WOW! If I had the money, I would buy this in a heartbeat!

PS. I also loved the Evangelion theme. Love that series.

I actually like the Happ Cherries a lot. I set them size by side with the omoron’s (the sanwa ones… forget exact the name) and eventhough the actuators look the same length it feels like the Cherries are a lot longer… (thus feel to engage quicker)

The cherries compaired to the stock JLF ones have a lot less deadzone (distance needed to trigger the input) and they are a lot softer, and a hell of a lot less clicky… You can still hear them click, just not from 3 rooms away like the stock JLF.

If your used to the stock JLF you’ll defiantly notice a difference. My inputs tend to come out quicker with this mod though. However, it may not be for everyone which is why I’m including and offering to install the stock parts.

The Cherries actually fit right into the slots of the JLF, they sandwich perfectly between the bottom of the JLF and the top of the restrictor plate. After that it’s just a matter of soldering to the right contacts… Removing is easy too if you wanted the original JLF PCB with microswitches too. All you do is remove the restrictor plate, pop on the JLF PCB, pop back on the restrictor plate and connect the included JLF harness.

I really wish I had the money for this :sad:

Awesome stuff! Didn’t know the little things that make the combination effective and I had no idea Cherry’s have less deadzone which is big.

Thank you faux123 and ghaleon109 for the detailed explanation, I might have to try that out one day.

I hope the sales works out for you ghaleon109, I would consider buying it, but I’ve recently made some big purchases so I’m hurting a little on the money side.

I apologize if I made it look like I wanted to buy.

Out of My Price Range, But This is a Amazing Looking stick.

Good Luck on the Sell, and Congrats to whoever gets it.

Nah, its no problem at all man!

I’m just pretty proud of it so I like to explain haha! :rofl:

If you have a stick of your own you should definatly try cherries in it some day. Its not too expensive to do and if you need any help just shoot me a PM.

Since times are kinda rough for everyone right now I’ve dropped the price to $350 Shipped within CONUS.

I don’t mind shipping overseas, but just send me a PM so I can let you know how much additional it would be to get it there.

Local community is a plus too, so I’ll over it for $325 with local pickup. I’m in the Riverside area, but wouldn’t mind driving a little ways to meet you somewhere.

Yo man, that is an absurdly great deal.

I’m tempted to buy it even though I don’t have a 360, and I already have 2 sticks.

Anyway, I’m going to post this in the Premium forums.

Good luck!

I have NO idea what it’s woorth or it’s a good value, but I’ll say this.

It’s absolutely GORGEOUS :slight_smile: Whoever does buy it… congrats. and I’m jealous.

Stick is on hold for another member as of yesterday morning…

Would anyone be interested in other customs like this?

It would be the same dimensions, more than likely Read Oak with your choice of stain, and I can do both wired and wireless PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as wired PS2.

If you’d like something like this just PM me and I’ll see what I can pull together. This one took me 4 weeks but waiting on buttons for a week held me back a little.

Very nice looking stick good luck! About people being interested Im sure there are quite a few members that would like a custom like this.