WTS: Sanwa JLF and Sanwa buttons/Nintendo Wii w/ games *PRICES LOWERED*

EDIT: Gots some moar stuff I’d like to sell: arcade parts!

I’d prefer dealing locally (NYC), but I’m willing to ship if you pay ze shippings. :smiley:

Remember guys, I’m flexible, we can negotiate stuff. :smiley:

Shipping is $3 more.

6x Red Sanwa’s 30mm (used, but work wonderfully) $14 (screw-in) (PENDING)
2x Red Sanwa’s 24mm (start and select, barely used) $4 (screw-in)

6x White Sanwa’s 30mm (used in my current stick and I swapped them out for seimitsu’s, but they never failed me and still work great) $14 (screw-in)

1x Sanwa JLF (choice of Yellow, White, Pink, Black or Red balltop) $ 20 w/ harness (PENDING, yo.)

1x pre-wired hacked madcatz 360 pad (used quite a bit, but works great. There is one slight issue: sometimes the USB connector goes a bit wonky and you have to plug it in again or half plug it in in order for it to work. It’s a quick work around, it still works just fine.) $45

I hate to let a lot of this stuff go, these were parts of my first arcade stick (memories… sniffs), but I’m saving up for a new guitar amp and some of this stuff just needs to go.

Thanks for looking!

Hi guys, title says all, I’ve got a Nintendo Wii in good condition, I take care of my stuff. Here is a list with all I have:

Nintendo Wii for $200 + shipping, comes with…

  • Official Nintendo Component Cables
  • Wiimote w/ nunchuk
  • Sensor bar, power brick, etc., all the essentials to make it turn on
  • Wii Play

All games are $25. =D

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  • SSX Blur
  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
  • Guitar Hero 3 w/ guitar - This I’d have to let go for about $40.
  • DDR Hottest Party w/ mat
  • Mario Kart Wii (PENDING)

Each one is $15, get them both for $25. :smiley:
I have some Gamecube stuff, also.

  • Official imported white GCN controller
  • Official silver GCN controller

I’m still looking for music gear trades, but I can do cash.

I prefer to deal locally, I’m in the Bronx, but I can commute to any of the boroughs, but prefer to meet up around the city. I can ship, though.


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Are buttons screw in? And is 16$ shipped possible?

WHoops, sorry, let me fix that up for ya… check the original post again!

EDIT: Btw, which buttons? And shipping would only be like two dollars more, it’s not a lot, haha.


Put prices on Wii games, I know I’m losing money but I need the cash.

Where in NY are you located? and what kind of JLF is it? I might be interested because I need a JLF for an agetec mod…

pm sent.

I’m located in the Bronx, and I can work my way around the city.

What I have is a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT.

EDIT: Oh ya, comes with mounting plate, forgot to say that. ^^

payment has been sent as well as pm =)



Can I get pics of the GC controllers? Tedious I know, but I would appreciate it. Also, I might have some music gear for trade.

Alright man, give me like ten minutes, stupid webcam. :rofl:

First controller is regular silver GCN controller…

Second controller is ultra-sexy-awesome white GCN controller with that ridiculously long cable…

Fuckin nice! mirrored pictures trip me out :looney:

Sending you a pm