WTS Sanwa JLF and SE buttons


Stick was used for maybe a couple months in a custom box
Buttons came out of a SE stick. Used maybe 2hrs before replacing them.

Nothing wrong with either of them. Stick won’t work with the SE board.

Not a bad deal if you are trying to get a custom stick or just need the extra parts.

PayPal only unless you are local, then cash only.

$30 +shipping

BTW, Jack is not coming with this deal lol

So you’re getting
JLF stick with harness and grey ball top
6 MadKatz SE buttons

I’ll even throw in the hacked PS2 PCB with QD’s I used in that custom I had. It was the first and only one I ever did. Soldering was ok. I never wired up the L1 and L2 buttons or select. Only problem I had with it was that if you hit start, it would act like you were pressing it every second or so until you hit it again to stop it. Other than that it worked. $10 more and I will include the ps2 - ps3 converter that I used. No lag with that converter, at least none that I could notice.




PMing for Jack!

Damn… :shake:


Lol. That jack is pimpin.


how much for jack? ;D


It’s a Jack in the Box magic 8 ball…not sure if I want to part with it


Where did you manage to score such a thing? I’m totally jellin’


I work for the Jack in the Box headquarters.


So how much?~


I didn’t expect you to actually sell it… but if you are, I was kinda first! lol


LOL, I’m not selling it


I can’t give up just this yet : (


screw the stick give us the jack! or…make jack into a balltop and make everyone happy…


LOL, if I were to sell Jack, what are you guys offering? Kinda curious but might let it go for a good price.