WTS: Sanwa JLF, MadCatz SE Xbox 360 PCB

No longer playing FGs so looking to get rid of some stuff. Rather they find a good home than be put in the trash, etc.

Items do NOT include shipping unless specified. If you buy multiple things, you save on shipping.

Shipping to continental USA only. No obvious lowballs but feel free to haggle/best offer.

Sanwa JLF - $15 + shipping

Lightly used, no issues in performance. I cleaned and applied a fresh coat of ShinEtsu lubricant.

MadCatz Street Fighter IV SE Xbox 360 PCB complete - $15 shipped

Includes all original cables. Missing only home/turbo panel and the quick disconnects for Start and Select/Back. Tested and works.

Assorted Sanwa OBFS-30 x8 - $5 + shipping

Lightly used but for some reason 6 of the buttons have Hori switches. They all work but obviously there’s a parts mismatch here so selling as-is.

Green Sanwa Balltop - $1 each + shipping (Blue is sold)

Like-new, never used.

Hori Joystick + Matsushita switches x4 - FREE + shipping

Works, lightly used. Free with any purchase.

6FT USB Cable (for use with ChImp SMD) - $1 + shipping

Like new, no issues. Gold plated if that matters.

Sold Items Below This Line

MadCatz BrawlStick Case - $15
GUILTY GEAR Xrd - Chara Button (OBSF-30) No.4 Ino
Hori Hayabusa + balltop, shaft guard (complete) #1 - $20 + shipping
ChImp SMD - PC/PS3 PCB - $15 + shipping
Sanwa Push Button Clear Blue OBSF 30 + silencer set x6 - $12 + shipping
Hori Hayabusa + balltop #2 - $20 + shipping
Akishop PS360+ w/ FW 1.66 - $30 + shipping
Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joystick - $15 + shipping
Neutrik NAUSB-W A/B USB Feed-Through - Silver - $6 + shipping
Sanwa JLF Mounting Plate + Nuts and Screws - $2 + shipping
Akishop PS360+ (old revision) w/ FW 1.66 - $30 + shipping
10FT USB Cable (for use with PS360+) - $3 + shipping
inPin PS2 to PS3 adapter - $10 + shipping
Hori Tekken 5 PS2 PCB - $8 + shipping
Hori Kuro Buttons x6 (Black) - $14 + shipping
Seimitsu LS-56-01 5-Pin Harness Type and Mounting Plate - $15 + shipping
Damaged Weco W12M White buttons 4x - FREE with any purchase

Street Fighter V Collector’s Edition. Everything included. Only game box was opened. $20+shipping SOLD
Sealed Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (NA ver.) w/ pre-order OST bonus. FREE
Sealed Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late (NA ver.) FREE
Seimitsu joystick mounting plate. Should be universal for all digital Seimitsu sticks. $2+shipping SOLD
stock Matsushita switches. FREE SOLD
Toodles IMP. Never used. Used for dual mods and PCB switch functionality. $5+shipping SOLD
PSX Dualshock 1 PCB. Common ground. Works with nearly all converters. $5+shipping SOLD
Sanwa OEM button silencers x6. Never used. $3+shipping SOLD
Sanwa JLF OEM wiring harnesses. $1 each+shipping SOLD
PSX Hori Namco Stick switches x4. $2+shipping SOLD
MadCatz TE1 wiring chain block. Common ground, for drop in replacement or to implement a MadCatz wiring solution in any DIY project. FREE SOLD
Sanwa clear buttons with broken tabs, balltop. Switches (5 total) are brand new, so can cannibalize those at worst. $4 for all pictured+shipping SOLD
Hori Fighting Stick V3 joystick. FREE
Hori Fighting Stick V3 buttons x6 + balltop + daughterboard. FREE

Pm sent on the imp board!

PMing on now for the ps3 games

Updated for items sold.

I’ll take the copy of SFV.



Bump. Prices reduced. Looking to get rid of these.

Would you happen to have any other Namco Joystick parts?

Thanks for the games btw VG

I think I have the button microswitches somewhere. The buttons themselves were sold with the Namco stick itself, I’m afraid.

bump again with final price drop. Will just trash these next week if they’re not gone.


All sold (two remaining pictured items will just be recycled at electronics processing place since no one wants them). Thanks everyone!

Bump as I added new items I dug out of the great beyond (the closet of lost arcade parts). Come take a look!

Pm,d for Hori Tekken 5 PS2 PCB

Update, unexpected expenses came up. This item is still up for sale.

Bump. Slight price drop on remaining items!

Bump again.

t5 pcb still available?

Updated with PS360+ PCB and final price drop on inPin converter.