WTS: Sanwa JLF, Meshballs, Various Games

Up for sale is a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-W (same exact one that’s installed in the TE) with a pink balltop. Also selling a white and pink Sanwa meshball and a Seimitsu clear LB-39 balltop. The JLF is practically new as it was taken out of my TE and replaced with my LS-40. All three balltops are unused.


Also selling a few games I no longer play. Soul Calibur III, Castlevania Chronicles (pretty rare), and Zone of the Enders. All of the games are in mint condition and include all of their inserts and demo discs.

Prices lowered on all items.




Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK-W - $23 SOLD
Sanwa white meshball - $10
Sanwa pink meshball - $10 SOLD
Seimitsu clear LB-39 balltop - $3
Soul Calibur III - $8
Castlevania Chronicles - $20
Zone of the Enders - $15 SOLD

Paypal only please. Shipping prices with USPS (from 48021) will be determined by buyer location.

Thank you!

Added a couple games for sale. Any PM’s I receive will be answered as soon as I can.


Prices lowered on all items.

i’ll take the sanwa jlf…pm sent…

let me know if the pink mesh ball falls through if it does ill take the white one as well

Pink meshball and ZOE now sold. PM’s sent.

payment sent, check pms

PM sent. White meshball still for sale.