WTS: Sanwa JLW-U, Sanwa OBSN, Arcade Parts bundle

Sanwa JLW-U+ brand new Sanwa MS-0-2 switches $40.00 shipped
This original JLW has been equipped with brand new Omron MS-0-2 switches, bat top, new smaller dust washers and a Kowal mounting plate which allows this lever to be used in nearly all Arcade sticks that can accept a Seimitsu SS mounting plate.

Also includes the original big ball top, original switches, dust washer and mounting plate.

The JLW will be disassembled and shipped via usps (ex shoryuken) priority.

Sanwa OBSN Bundle $24.00 shipped

Buttons and ball top are 100 percent brand new and have been upgraded with superior Seimtisu screws. Including the Kokin button plugs which are the lowest profile and best you can get. The only shop that I know of that sells these is akishop and that take 2 months to get an order. Very picture worthy.

Arcade Parts $32.00
Ask about anything. The Hori PCB (green) doesn’t work.

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Hori Hayabusa lever + Buttons, Sanwa RG sold to drawp -7/29/2019
Hrap1 PCB+Turbo Panel sold to electricgrave -8/1/2018
Xtokki ps to 360 adapter sold to jaybee_831 -9/16/2017
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time+Pilot Wings sold to streetlights -6/15/2017
Brook PS to PS4 adapter sold to fifty8mm -5/29/2017
11black Seimitsu PS14GNs, JLF n parts sold to drawp -5/22/2017
Brook Universal Fighting board sold to cacaking -3/7/2017
Hori VLX Travel Bag sold to deezee989 -2/19/2017
Hori Tekken 5 stick sold to donut -10/30/2016
Hori Real Arcade Pro sold to SupremeJay -9/29/2016
DD-SE black case sold to donut -7/17/2016
Xtokki Ps2-360 adapter sold to The Phantomnaut -3/28/2016
LS-32+PS-14 G sold to Jubei Kibagami -3/27/2016
Hrap Ex-SE case sold to Finest_KO -1/13/2016
Inpin + Pcb bundle sold to Jubei Kibagami -1/9/2016
Hori Ex2 Case plus extra stuff sold to Dizzl -1/4/2016
Inpin Ps2 to Ps3 adapter sold to Jesu-Hadouken -11/14/2015
Two Sanwa JLFs sold to Fearless -5/16/2015
Seimitsu Ls32+ extras sold to skaloola -4/22/2015
Sanwa JLF OBSF bundle sold to Jubei Kibagami -3/10/2015
Hori parts bundle sold to Fearless -2/21/2015
Sega Saturn Usb adapter sold to noober2 -2/20/2015
HBFS+Sanwa bundle sold to toddler316 -10/20/2014
Hrap1/3 sold to MrSneis -10/14/2014
Axisdapter/Sixaxis sold to bL1k -9/14/2014
Brawl stick pcb and Ken pad sold to NENDO -8/21/2014
Paewang Ps3/360 pcb sold to NENDO -8/11/2014
Batman Blurays sold to AfroMessiah -8/9/2014
Hrap2 MushiMushi SA sold to AfroMessiah -4/3/2014
Partial MushiMushi Hrap Case sold to PotatoEmperor -12/4/2013
Virtua Stick High Grade sold to KnownasWolf -9/2/2013
Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA sold to donut -8/28/2013
Mint Namco Arcade Stick with box sold to tanabe -8/26/2013
Toodles Axisdapter+ Sixaxis sold to kozimor -8/26/2013
Sanwa JLF sold to daicon - 8/25/2013
Light Blue Sanwa bundle JLF/OBSF’s sold to Follinfection -8/22/2013
Hori VX case sold to theBAYsics -8/19/2013
Black Brawl Stick sold to a nice person on Steam - 8/4/2013
White Hrap3 sold to Aristo -7/16/2013
Ps360+ sold to Sudeten -7/7/2013
Namco Stick sold to BartStation -3/25/2013
Axisdapter/Sixaxis sold to KamiKKaze -4/20/2012
Madcatz TE-S bundle sold to DKor -4/8/2012

Will this work, it ships from Hawaii. https://paradisearcadeshop.com/home/electrical/wire-and-power/harnesses/588_jlf-187-micro-harness.

Hey thanks, Yeah I saw that. I’m hoping to find one for a deal. Focusattack has them for about 3 bucks plus 8 dollar shipping at a decent speed. Wanted a local Californian to hook me up. I’ll probably just give in to temptation and “make it worthwhile” and buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need to compensate for the price of shipping…Just wanted to check here first.

Added schtuff for sale.

Bump for Hrap and namco stick Eskimo brother.

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Hrap pcb has been sold.

Added a bunch of arcade parts

Added a JLW-U.

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Revised JLW. Retrofitted and ready for second life.

Added Hayabusa and buttons

Revised JLW and added OBSN bundle