WTS: Sanwa JLW-U


Sanwa JLW-U+ brand new Sanwa MS-0-2 switches $50.00 OBO shipped
Big ball JLW, not pictured are brand new MS-0-2 switches. Comes with the original switches. This thing is bad ass. I always wanted to try one, now I have and decided I am not manly enough to use the biggo JLW. This bad boy will be disassembled for shipping via a USPS small flat rate box.

Completed Transactions


Hrap1 PCB+Turbo Panel sold to electricgrave -8/1/2018
Xtokki ps to 360 adapter sold to jaybee_831 -9/16/2017
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time+Pilot Wings sold to streetlights -6/15/2017
Brook PS to PS4 adapter sold to fifty8mm -5/29/2017
11black Seimitsu PS14GNs, JLF n parts sold to drawp -5/22/2017
Brook Universal Fighting board sold to cacaking -3/7/2017
Hori VLX Travel Bag sold to deezee989 -2/19/2017
Hori Tekken 5 stick sold to donut -10/30/2016
Hori Real Arcade Pro sold to SupremeJay -9/29/2016
DD-SE black case sold to donut -7/17/2016
Xtokki Ps2-360 adapter sold to The Phantomnaut -3/28/2016
LS-32+PS-14 G sold to Jubei Kibagami -3/27/2016
Hrap Ex-SE case sold to Finest_KO -1/13/2016
Inpin + Pcb bundle sold to Jubei Kibagami -1/9/2016
Hori Ex2 Case plus extra stuff sold to Dizzl -1/4/2016
Inpin Ps2 to Ps3 adapter sold to Jesu-Hadouken -11/14/2015
Two Sanwa JLFs sold to Fearless -5/16/2015
Seimitsu Ls32+ extras sold to skaloola -4/22/2015
Sanwa JLF OBSF bundle sold to Jubei Kibagami -3/10/2015
Hori parts bundle sold to Fearless -2/21/2015
Sega Saturn Usb adapter sold to noober2 -2/20/2015
HBFS+Sanwa bundle sold to toddler316 -10/20/2014
Hrap1/3 sold to MrSneis -10/14/2014
Axisdapter/Sixaxis sold to bL1k -9/14/2014
Brawl stick pcb and Ken pad sold to NENDO -8/21/2014
Paewang Ps3/360 pcb sold to NENDO -8/11/2014
Batman Blurays sold to AfroMessiah -8/9/2014
Hrap2 MushiMushi SA sold to AfroMessiah -4/3/2014
Partial MushiMushi Hrap Case sold to PotatoEmperor -12/4/2013
Virtua Stick High Grade sold to KnownasWolf -9/2/2013
Hori Real Arcade Pro 2 SA sold to donut -8/28/2013
Mint Namco Arcade Stick with box sold to tanabe -8/26/2013
Toodles Axisdapter+ Sixaxis sold to kozimor -8/26/2013
Sanwa JLF sold to daicon - 8/25/2013
Light Blue Sanwa bundle JLF/OBSF’s sold to Follinfection -8/22/2013
Hori VX case sold to theBAYsics -8/19/2013
Black Brawl Stick sold to a nice person on Steam - 8/4/2013
White Hrap3 sold to Aristo -7/16/2013
Ps360+ sold to Sudeten -7/7/2013
Namco Stick sold to BartStation -3/25/2013
Axisdapter/Sixaxis sold to KamiKKaze -4/20/2012
Madcatz TE-S bundle sold to DKor -4/8/2012


Will this work, it ships from Hawaii. https://paradisearcadeshop.com/home/electrical/wire-and-power/harnesses/588_jlf-187-micro-harness.


Hey thanks, Yeah I saw that. I’m hoping to find one for a deal. Focusattack has them for about 3 bucks plus 8 dollar shipping at a decent speed. Wanted a local Californian to hook me up. I’ll probably just give in to temptation and “make it worthwhile” and buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need to compensate for the price of shipping…Just wanted to check here first.


Added schtuff for sale.


Bump for Hrap and namco stick Eskimo brother.

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Hrap pcb has been sold.


Added a bunch of arcade parts


Added a JLW-U.

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