WTS:Sanwa Joystick Cases

Made of poplar, oak stained. Dimensions are 11.25" by 9.25" by 2.25" (8"x10" top panel). Blast City layout, Sanwa or Seimitsu screw ins and JLF only. I’ve got one completed for now, but i’m almost finished with 2 more. $60 US each plus shipping. Thanks.


Added better photos. Shows the finish better.


price drop. $60

Do you mean 60 shipped???

Think he wants shipping on top of that hence the “plus shipping”.

I have a few of these if there’s demand.

i could probably do $65 shipped.

$65 shipped in the U.S.

$60 shipped…

I am interested in it.

Payment just send.

Do you have any more in stock? o_o

i’ve got 2 more that just need lexan and finish. I’ll post them up when they’re finished.

Awesome cases for that price. Too bad its for Sanwa sticks only. I prefer Seimitsu

I could make them fit Seimitsu sticks with sticks with nothing more than a couple extra holes drilled.

Really? I may have to take that deal up. Gotta settle some other stuff first.

I’m pretty busy for the next week, won’t have time to get them finished for a while. I’ll update this thread when they’re complete.

I just got my casing and it is a beauty!!! Thanks for the awesome product and service. A++!!!