WTS: Sanwa Modded 360 Hori EX2 stick (SOLD)



I have a Hori EX2 Fighting Stick modded with the following:

a) 6 Sanwa Buttons,
b) 1 Sanwa JLF joystick, Sanwa Octogate, Added another **LS-33 spring **for additional Joystick stiffening , using Hori Shaft (so it fits EX2 case) and Cherry Microswitches for silky smooth motion and its very quiet so other people on Live will NOT hear your clicks (I will include the original Square gate as well if you prefer the square gate, easy to replace just open the case unsnap the gates and snap back in the new gate)
c) Default buttons re-arranged for use with Ultimate MK3 on Xbox live and for all fighting games including SF2T HD Remix and of course SF4.

Everything has been tested and its working perfectly.

Here’s the link to my website for ALL PHOTOS and step by step process I went through to mod this stick. I still have the original Hori EX2 stick box.


I am asking for $130 OBO shipped to anywhere in the USA. (Sale status => SOLD)

Material cost along is $90 for this total conversion (Hori Ex2s are now selling for > $60 unmodified).


Price lowered and negotiable.


Good mod, best of luck to you and your sale!


OBO? I’m local – I will come pick it up from a place near you. Avoid shipping and packing expenses and no paypal fees and have cash in hand instantly


shipping is about 15 at least and packing costs on top of that plus paypal fees gets you close to 130 as it is so I think this is a fair bid. Please let me know.


Will take for 130, have paypal ready, bout to pm