WTS: Sanwa-Modded Madcatz SE and Seimitsu-Modded Hori FS3


Okay… first up is my SE stick. It’s for the Playstation 3/PC.

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Of course, it’s the one on the left. I took the art off of the stick and never replaced it, so the top metal panel looks a bit worn in the places where I put my hands. That’s really the only cosmetic flaw, and it’s one that goes away simply by adding your own art.

It’s modded with a Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y-SK and 8 Pink Sanwa OSBF-30s. One of the marquee buttons do not work (the KKK button.) I believe that problem is with the button itself and not the stick, though. I don’t know many people who use the marquee buttons, anyway. If you would like, I can replace the marquee buttons with white Sanwa OSBF-30s.

Shipped: $70
Local Pickup (Dallas/Ft.Worth area): $55

Next, I have a HORI Fighting Stick 3. Also for Playstation 3/PC.

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Its specs are:

Cherry Microswitches
LS-32-01 Spring
Seimitsu Clear Bubbletop
6 Seimitsu PS-14-KN (Blue)
2 Seimitsu PS-14-KN (White)
HORI T-6 Shaft cover (Not pictured – added after pics were taken)

In case you’re wondering what the stick feels like, I’d have to say it’s a fine mix between Japanese and American. The LS-32-01 spring gives it a nice stiffness, and the cherry switches are quick to engage. It’s very responsive. I use it to play Marvel.

There are a couple of tiny scuffs on the surface – nothing noticeable unless you actually go out of your way to look for them.

Shipped: $65
Local pickup (Dallas/Ft.Worth area: $50

The sticks will be shipped USPS priority.

The only reason I’m selling them is because, with the addition of my new TE, I now have four sticks and not enough room for all of them; plus, I have no reason to have more than two.

Shoot me a PM or post in here. It’s all good either way.


Bump. Price dropped.


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