WTS: Sanwa Parts and a Cthulhu *SOLD*

Shit I got here (all used but in great condition):

1x JLF with white balltop (was lightly used in a Madcatz SE). $17 shipped

6x black/gray 30mm and 2x Vermillion Sanwa snap-ins $12 shipped

1x Toodles Cthulhu PC/PS3 board (Has wires still soldered to it because I need to get a new soldering iron lol) $13.00

Buy all 3 for $35!

Also got stock Madcatz SE buttons and stick, but I doubt anyone would want those.

Pics here: http://s293.photobucket.com/albums/mm70/Mr_x64/ebay/srk/

Paypal only. Thanks for looking!

would you ship to canada? and how much…i’d be buying everything.

Uh, $43 shipped to Canada sound fair? I’m kind of going by what it cost me to ship there last time (about $8.00). If it costs more I’ll take the hit.

hmmm, sounds like a great deal, i gotta check some (money) stuff first though. if no one takes the lot by tuesday i’ll take it, but if someone makes an offer give it to them :slight_smile:

On hold until tuesday then. I’d much rather sell this all at once lol.

i thought that pcb was solderless. why does it have wires soldered to it? i’m asking because im very interested in purchasing.

Let me know if the whole lot is available on Tuesday. I’ll take the whole thing if chuu’s hold falls through. Thanks.

studtrooper, you got PM. Keep me updated.

A while ago you had the option of assembling the kit yourself, which is what I chose to do.

Ok, I lied about the hold. All sold. Sorry chuu, thanks for the offer though.

no prob, i hope it goes to someone that will use the parts, they probably would have sat in a box for months at my house before i even looked at them…