WTS Sanwa parts bundle *good deal*

OK I have a bunch of sanwa/siemitsu parts I would like to sell as a bundle. Some
are new some are used. Pretty good deal. Lower 48 states paypal only. Local pickup in southern california welcome. Can ship tomorrow, will be up tonight if you pm. I dont want to break this up so please understand. And please no holds.

$65 shipped (everything)

Sanwa JLF + wire harness, ball top included (1)
Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top (3)
Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate (1)
Sanwa LB-30-N Joystick Bat Top (black) + adapter screw (1)
Sanwa OBSM Series 30mm Hole Plug (2)

Seimitsu LS-40-01 Ball Handle Joystick (1)
(bought a stick with this in it. I personally dont like it compared to the
ls-56, but its fairly new to my knowledge.)
Sanwa LB-35 Joystick Ball Top (1 yellow, very used)
Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbutton (3 pink VERY used, 2 green barely used )
Sanwa OBSF-24 Pushbutton (1 red, unsure how old came with my candy cab)
Happ Competition Pushbutton with Horizontal Microswitch (1) very used not sure
Sanwa OBRG-30 Pushbutton (1, i think this is the rg its got a big microswitch on it
came with my candy cab not sure on this one.)


price bump $55 shipped

I know there is a lot of random stuff here, but someone has got to want it. You could sell the balltops and batt top/oct gate and make it a deal for yourself.

Would you take a KEN PS3 sealed fight pad $20 paypal?

no trades.

sale pending to rcaido

Sold…mods please close

goddamnit, i need holeplugs. i wish i knew you had some.

I read lower 48 states but I have a really stupid question. Do you ship to Canada?