WTS: Sanwa Parts in NYC

Hey guys, I’ve decided to deal only locally, hope you don’t mind. ^^; I’m in the Bronx, I’ll travel to the city (add $3 if going to the city, don’t want to be a total dick and charge you 4.50, rofl).

I’ve got 6x 30mm Dark Blue Sanwa’s, snap-ins. They’re basically brand new(I pressed the buttons out of boredom.) These are pretty rare, methinks, I haven’t seen them anywhere where they sell parts. With these come 2x 24mm Dark Blue Sanwa’s, too. I’ll let them for $26.

EDIT: Just found the dark blue meshball, brand new. :smiley: I’ll throw it in with the buttons for $36 as a total, otherwise, $12 by itself. wink

I have 6x 30mm Red Sanwa’s, screw-in’s. They’re used and I recently unsoldered them from a Hori EX2. They work like a charm, you just have to clean up the contacts a little. ^_^; These I’d let go for $17.

EDIT: Just found the matching 24mm Red Sanwa’s, I’ll sell it all for $20.

I have 6x Pearl Green Seimitsu’s, basically brand new, also. They’re snap-in’s, and these beauties I think should go for $23. They’re really pretty, trust me.

EDIT: 8x Pink Sanwa’s, and they’re brand fucking new, snap-in’s. These very happy and very gay buttons will be sold for $24. I have a matching balltop that I can throw in for a dollar more.

And finally, I have one Sanwa JLF joystick, I waggled it a few times, lol. It comes with a white balltop, and I’ll throw in an octogate for the kickass price of $22.

EDIT: Found wiring harness… okay, it’ll be free, I won’t charge you for five puny wires… xD

Just drop me a PM, cheers! :smiley:

EDIT: Youtube video coming soon of the parts, found my webcam, rofl.

pics? also you could just add $5 bucks to those prices for shipping will save you gas :slight_smile:

Wish I had a camera, really gay, haha. I’ll be taking the train, I just realized that… thanks for the tip, haha.

hey, willing to ship the screw in sanwas? let me know to L5N7N5.

Yo what part of the Bronx? If you near Fordham I can take the JLF.

That’s around the 5 train, right? I’m by the 6 train, Elder Ave train stop.

yo, tell me that you still got the gay buttons, ill take them, i live in 179 and burnside, but i can drive to elder ave, and pick them up. also interested in the sanwa JLF.

hey buddy, I’ll think about shipping, I’m just trying to do things locally to get cash in my hands, things are getting rough, haha.

PM sent, buddy. :smiley:

If the stick is available come Friday, I will buy it. I go to Chinatown Fair once a week.

Nah my dood that 4 train. If you want I can meet you anywhere.

Shameless bumping!

Is the joystick still available?

ship them buttons!

oh wow i live in bronx river

SHIP. SHip. SHIP. =p