WTS: Sanwa Parts / Wii Stick


8x Light Blue Sanwa OBSF-30s $22 shipped
6x Dark Hai Sanwa OBSF-30s $18 Shipped
1x Dark Hai Sanwa Balltop $3 shipped
Hori Wii Fighting Stick $50 shipped

Looking to buy from other people, i already know cipher has them in stock. Just seeing if anyone here needs to get rid of these.

White Sanwa JLF with Wire harness and Plate
White Sanwa OBSF -30s and -24s
Asus Monitor (EVO MONITOR)
PS2 to Gcube Convertor
Please PM Me if anything.


I have 6 white OBSF 30’s + 2 black OBSF 30’s.

I also have a white sanwa balltop.

I’m selling all 8 buttons for $18.00 shipped and the balltop for $2.00

PM me if interested.