WTS Sanwa parts

Selling some parts that have extreme-light use and have been sitting around for a while…

2x White OBSF-24 (never used!) - Pending
6x Black PS-14-GN w/mounting nuts - SOLD

1x Sanwa GT-0 restrictor gate (round) - Pending

1x Sanwa Violet balltop - $2.50 shipped
1x Hori Green balltop (from EX2) - $2 shipped

1x Cthulu Assembled PC/PS3 board - SOLD

1x Carbon Fiber shaft cover with disk (from Big Pockets, thread here, fits JLF!) - SOLD

PM’ed about Cthulhu board.

Bump for price drops

I’ll take that Carbon set, as long as the clearcoat finish isn’t scratched.
PM me your paypal

I’m too late.
Have fun protomanSTi.

How the hell did I miss this thread, would have loved the carbon fiber! I need to pay better attention to this section.