WTS: Sanwa Semitsu and SE parts Cheap!

For sale everything in picture. 10 Semitsu buttons, 20 hori real arcade buttons, 8 fight stick buttons, 4 bat tops with adapters, Octagon restrictor plate, 1 Semitsu Ls-32 stick, 1 FightStick SE stick. 2 LS-33 springs, Six stainless Steel washers for Sanwa JLF shaft cover. Most parts are brand new. LS-32 has a couple scratches of the metal shaft but works perfectly. FightStick Parts are all brand new and never used. All Hori buttons are brand new. Semitsu buttons are like new barely used. Octagon plate brand new, Blue bats are brand new, whites are used. springs new, dust washers like new. Think thats it! Paid well over asking price for all this. Sure it’ll sell fast.

----------------------$55 shipped !!! -------------------------- Buys it all!

Don’t wanna part this stuff out as I don’t have the time to mess with that.


if you’re willing to sell just the Seimitsu LS-32 I’ll take it.

If you’re interested send me a PM with total cost w/ shipping to Canada included.

Gonna wait to see if anyone wants it all first. I really don’t wanna multi ship this stuff .

i am pretty much interested in everything but the hori and fightstick buttons and stick.

dropped you a pm.

Networkingyuppy is 1st pending payment. 2 other waiting in line if he doesn’t pay.

haha. the ls 32 is mine.


Dang it, missed out. I knew I should’ve buy first, think later.

but wouldn’t there be buyer’s remorse? :smiley:

Touch, congrats on the deal! Post whoring ending now, zombie out.