WTS: Sanwa & Siemitsu Parts, 2-player Sega Astro City Panel

Original Sega Saturn Astro City Metal Control Panel- $85 SHIPPED
(comes with original LS-32 joysticks, all buttons & balltops, & harnesses)


Shipping for the smaller items is $3-$5 to 48 states

NEW - 2 JLF Harness - $3 ea

NEW - 4 Green Seimitsu PS-14-KNs - $2 ea

NEW - 1 YellowSanwa OBSN24 - $2 ea

NEW - 2 Yellow Sanwa OBSF24 - $2 ea

New - 1 Black Sanwa LB-35 - $2

Used - 1 Pink Mesh Balltop - $12


PM sent.


price bump

lol, i thought the price was supposed to go down not up!

ha ha, that’s because I included shipping for the panel

noobish question, but is that panel “easily” moddable for use on a console?

pm sent

Seconded. My only concern is that no select button = no easy wiring for the 360 guide button. Does it have two Saturn cables coming out of it? Is it fully Seimitsu? Sorry for noob questions.

It is very easily modded. Also, as I did with the Versus City panel, you can simply add a hole for the guide button. The panel is easy to drill through with a hole saw bit. The harness has the Saturn cables for each player that connect to their respective controls. The joysticks are LS-32s, but I’m not sure about the buttons. Remember, this does not come with the case, just the metal panel itself, all joysticks, buttons, and all wiring/harnesses.

My apologies. I must have been too happy with the price and completely overlooked that. Best of luck with the sale. I just repped you a few mins back on the TMO case. That came out slick.

No problem. Thanks for the rep.

PM sent on buttons.

price bump

PM’ed you on the panel.

Tetsuya-San is first in line for the panel.

sorry, didn’t know it was just the panel, thought it came with the bezel. take me out of the list then. :sad:

no problem

I’m interested in the panel if it hasn’t sold yet.

Also, that’s black balltop if it’s regular size.

The balltop is standard size, but the panel is on hold for someone for the next day or two.

Astro City Panel is still for sale.