WTS: Sanwa Stick

Bought it from PaintedPale when he first started here. Sanwa JLF with square gate, screw in buttons, and PS1 PCB. Very good condition though the case is a little worn after me playing the shit out of it over the last year or so. Looking to sell it for $100 plus shipping, paypal preferred.

Here are the pics. HRAP pictured is just for size reference, that one isn’t for sale.


Might be interested. I’ll wait for pics.

Hey Sazae i see your from my hometown :slight_smile: I might just have to hit my boys up to see if you can be trusted :wink: lol j/p

Do you have a dust cover for it as well? This stick has a ps1 PCB correct? will it support the ps2-ps3 adapter? Im looking for a stick for tekken 5dr.

I live in Tallahassee now but If i buy this can we screw the shipping and just meet at cordova/university mall? Are you willing to let me do light testing if we do meet? (3-5 EWGFs on this thing and i believe i would be sold lmao) Let me know thanks.

There is a dust cover on the stick and it works fine with my Pelican PS3 converter. If you are in town then I’ll be more than happy to show it to you in person and let you test it out.

I have seen this stick in person, and played on it as well. Very nice, comfortable, and in good shape. Sazae is a stand up guy =] I bought my stick from Sazae, Dreaded Fist, I love that thing =D

Bumping because I need the money and price lowered to $100 + shipping.


Lol its Sazae!

Man, I got confused so many times at FRXI when they called your name for GG x_x

Good luck with the sale~

I might buy, but I’ll see how low this will go :wonder:

Wait nvm my payments take seven business days to clear

i kinda want this but can u get a price on shipping?

Decided to not sell this as I would actually rather trade it. Right now looking for an even trade for a working 1-slot MVS that has the socketed BIOS. Would also do an even trade for both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart w/ wheel for the Wii.

ill give u wii fighting stickk and guilty gear ac for the wii for it and 20 dollars oohhh

Sorry but I already that game plus both the Neo-Geo stick and the Hori stick for the Wii.