Wts saturn pad w. Ps4 adapter 130 shipped


Selling a import Saturn pad 2 months use was purchased new on eBay then wife throws away box while cleaning
Saturn to ps4 converter was made by Gummo using a FC4 tactile buttons for home and select and a switch for PS3/ps4
To note however L1 and L2 are wired backwards so that would need to be addressed in the button configuration
130 shipped cont US


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looking for one as well



I have one that I could sell, but to be honest it’s only happenstance that I saw this, as I don’t frequent the forum at all, and definitely not these parts of it. I’m just a tourist today. :slight_smile: Therefore I’ll go and read the terms of service before anything else.

But I’ll leave some info: It’s this one: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a0/Sega_Saturn_Controller_-_Type_2.png
It has a few scratches, or signs of use if you will. It’s not damaged, though, and works perfectly. I will clean it up and take a picture of it. I think I’d like $20 for it, and for the buyer to cover shipping (out of San Diego, probably cheap).
I could add in the adapter I’ve been using it with on pc for another $15. It’s an as-new mayflash SS/PS(2)/N64 to usb adapter. That is, if you need one. I can also provide information on how to make it work with your pc, although it’s pretty much plug & play.

Feel free to PM me.


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Hiya, I was wondering what the SS to PS4 converter looked like.




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