WTS: SCV CE (PS3), KoFXIII w/ KoS (PS3), Tekken Hybrid CE + guides and more games

Planning on focusing on SFxT so I’m giving back some of these gems (no pun intended). I accept Paypal only, prices are not shipped (will combine shipping and recalculate if purchasing multiple items), PM me if you need international shipping or if you have any questions/requests. All items are in working used condition in a smoke-free home unless otherwise stated. All games include manuals excluding SNES/NES games.

Shipping cost is usually about $3 or $4 for a game within the states but is based on weight. If buying multiple items I will recalculate shipping and combine unless requested otherwise.

My rating of used items:

    • crummy shape
      • bad shape
        • decent shape
          • good shape
            • like new

2) King of Fighters XIII (PS3) w/ King of Soundtracks!!
Condition: * * * * *
Price: $35
-Yes it comes with the godlike King of Soundtracks 4-disc OST set of KoF history! This is easily one of the best games out right now and I definitely recommend trying it out if you still haven’t.

3) Soulcalibur V Futurepress Guidebook
Condition: * * * * *
Price: $10
-This book is beautiful. I feel like I just bought it but since I’m not planning to play SCV much longer I don’t need it. It has everything including all the juicy frame data. I’ll knock off $5 if you buy it with SCV.

4) UMvC3 Bradygames Guidebook
Condition: * * * * *
Price: $5
-Somehow I think anyone playing UMvC3 already has one of these. Anyway if you don’t here it is for cheaper than you’d find anywhere else in basically new condition. If you really want UMvC3 for PS3 I can sell that too.

5) Tekken Hybrid Limited Edition (PS3)
Condition: * * * * *
Price: $40
-Comes with everything in the Limited Edition including the art book, soundtrack (unopened), and disk. The disk itself lets you play the Blood Vengeance movie, TTT2 Prologue, and TTT HD.

8) Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest (GCN)
Condition: * * * *
Price: $25
-Apparently this is worth like up to $40 on Amazon/Ebay. Putting it up on here if anyone on SRK really wants it.

9) PS2 -> GC Converter
Condition: * * * *
Price: $5
-From TvC era. To be honest I’d give this to you for free if you’re buying something else and you really wanted it.

Other games (PM me for pictures if you want them):

Xbox 360
-FEAR 2 $5

SNES/NES (no boxes)
-Super Mario World $5
-Super Mario Kart $5
-Zelda II: Link’s Adventure $5

x Blazblue Continuum Shift (PS3, 360)
x LittleBigPlanet 2
x Ratchet & Clank
x Tales of the Abyss
x Persona 3
x Soul Calibur V

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