WTS: SCV TE-S sides (sold)


Hi Everyone,
I want to sell a Brand new Sealed SF 15th anniversary arcade stick (PS2/Xbox) locally for $65. The clear plastic for the Box window looks like it’s yellowing, other than that, the box has minor shelf wear. I live in So Cal, Orange County, near Westminster mall (we can do the transaction there if possible)… I really want to avoid shipping this as its heavy and bulky. However if no one near me wants it within the week, I will change it to add shipping out of California.

Stick SOLD!!!







I also have for sale are the Soul Calibur TE-S sides. I’m down to one pair. I’m currently in talks to sale the final pair) Price $7 for a pair plus shipping to anywhere in the USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

All SCV TE-S Sides are now sold



PS2 Blaze dual stick is sold


Would you take local pickup?


Yes, I was hoping to do the transaction at the Westminster mall. Where are you located…maybe we can meet in the middle? this is for the TE stick, right?


yea but im not available until weekends


TE Stick is sold!


not sure what this means ^_^;; the TE is on hold til Saturday and the PS2 Blaze has been sold.


Means He wants to cut the line lol. Thanks again dude.


the TE Stick has been sold!


Adding new items for sale


if you do decide to ship to uk, send new a pm and maybe we can work out a deal


Hi, would you be willing to part with 1 pair of te-s sides for 7$ + shipping?


Sure Thing, please PM me your addy and we can go from there. Please note, the Soul Calicur TE-S Sides have one red and one blue.

so depending on the sale to Vietexan, I’ll change the price for the TE-S to $14 plus shipping on the 2 remaining pairs.


I’m not sure if you really want to pay shipping for that. The box weigh about close to 12.lb and it’s big (20X14X12). I think it cost more to ship it to the UK than what’s I’m selling it at. Unless you know a cheap way to ship it with tracking numbers.


get me a quote for uk shipping please


In interested in buying the TE-S sides. Would you be willing to sale a pair like you did for the other guy? I really only need one pair.


PM sent!


are there any individual sets of sides left? If so I’d like to get a pair


I’m currently in talks with a buyer for the last pair, if s/he doesn’t get back to be in a few days, I’ll PM you. Thanks!


I WANT THAT SF15 STICK! sending pm…