WTS: SDCC Exclusive PS3/360 TE Fightsticks & Hasbro Toys


Selling brand new sealed Comic Con 2009 Exclusive TE stick for PS3 & XBOX360. I heard there are only 250 made for each console and here is one for those who cant be there. $265 shipped to anywhere in the US for either version or make me an offer I cannot refuse.

7/23 Update: According to a seller at the Capcom booth none of the TE Stick at SDCC comes with the arrow dustcover including the one on their display case and no Madcatz staff is at the convention to talk about the issue. So my sticks here wont have the special dustcover either.

8/5 Update: XBOX stick is sold pending funds. PS3 still available.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Mighty Muggs Optimus Prime Special Edition $25
Mighty Muggs Wolverine Special Edition $25
Transformers 25th Anniversary Soundwave Reissue with 4 Tapes $75
Pic 1


wanna go back and get me a red 7 and three quarters hat? if this was for 360 id be tempted…


I have the one for 360. I’m waiting to see what the price point will be for these sticks.


I love to , but cant right now. Also , im gonna run far away from any bidding war. To me 300 sounds reasonable. Good luck you two!


i’ll give you a modded SE for it :3


If this was for the 360, I would have picked it up for three bills.


Yes, I want the Xbox 360 one also. :sad:


Take any trades like say a HRAP2/3 SA?


I’m super-tempted right now…

Will you be back in Davis after the Con?

Edit: On second thought, I’ll take it. Want me to paypal a deposit or something? I’ll just pick it up from you in Davis.


Are these gonna be on sale at the con this year/weekend?

EDiT: found the info in a tech talk thread


if he doesnt buy I will


PS3 Stick listed is currently SPF. I may be able to get 2 more tomorrow though


I bought a 360 one for $300 shipped, only now I find out that it doesnt come with that cool hadoken arrows dust covers that was shown in the preview teaser photos. I guess after I get the stick up it goes on ebay for $300.


Maybe the person who sold it to you removed it?
Because people really do want those.

Oh wait.
I read it wrong.

You bought one for $300.
It has not arrived yet.

But you got word from angrygiantmonkey and mixtli that there is no Arrow Dust Disc.
So when you receive this Comic-Con TE, you will put it on eBay.


Funny how the dust washer really makes the difference in people’s minds, including mine.


Yeah OP, please specify if it’s the one with the hadoken dust cover. Bunch of people have been mentionning this to me.


To clarify, none of the sticks have the hadouken dust washer.


where did you get this info?


My 360 stick is also available for sale now. For those who tried to PM me earlier my inbox is cleared so please try again. Also read the update section in the first post regarding to dust cover.


That is certainly not cool about the Arrow Dust Disc.
What is up with that? :mad: