WTS: SE Stick

Need to get rid of SE Stick please. $50 or best offer. Please Buy.
Still New. I’ve had it for 2 Weeks. I never used it. Prefer Pad.

What system is it for? Does that include shipping? Prefer paypal?

need pics

Sorry. Wow. it’s for the ps3. 50 total for shipping too. and it would be paypal.

he allready posted pics

The pictuers are above in the links. It’s still in the box and everything.

Question about your SE stick for PS3 for sale.

You say $50 shipping included, does that include shipping to Canada? I live in Calgary, and I’d expect shipping to be around $30 USD… lol.

Can we work out a price including shipping to Calgary? My postal code is T2A1H5, incase you wanted to check the price of shipping yourself.