WTS: Sega Blast City Arcade Candy Cabinet & Hori VLX for Xbox 360 & Hori VLX for PS3


Sega Blast City Cabinet for Sale $900
Wired for Neo Geo Style Play but easily convertible to 6 button action. Comes with keys and 4 more buttons for a total of 12 buttons. No games included. Located in in Walnut, CA at the former Super/Western Arcade. Can meet at EVO this Friday in Vegas.

USED Hori VLX for Xbox 360 for sale. Slightly used, virtually new in box. $250 OBO

USED Hori VLX for PS3 for sale. Slightly used, virtually new in box. $250 OBO






I’ll post more later of the insides and all that

Open Box Top Down pic of VLX Xbox 360


Added photos.

Comes with original box, also comes with the wooden board that you can place it on. Actually never figures out what that extra piece of wooden board was for. I can meet up at EVO on Friday, July 15, or I can ship it to your desired location for a price.

Paypal welcome or local meetup.


Added a Hori VLX for PS3 up for sale as well. Slightly used and also $300 OBO. Will post pics later. I got an arcade cabinet I’ll be putting up for sale tomorrow also. I can bring everything to EVO Friday, July 15 if you would like to meet there.


Posted pics of the PS3 stick. Shoot me an offer


Sega Blast City up for Sale.


Price drops on everything before I head to EVO tonight.


Any burn-in on the Blast City?


I’ll check it out later today and post pics with the screen on


I’m in SGV area in Baldwin Park, that Blast City is what I’m looking for . Still have it ?


PM Coming your way