WTS Sega Blast City/Naomi/New Net city cab Marquee's

Hey guys,

I have 13 Sega Blast City marquee’s (will also fit Naomi and New Net City cabs) for sale. If you’re interested please let me know. All of these marquee’s has been printed on high quality backlit material and laminated so they look excellent when lit up. I have many others available for printing. If anyone is looking for something specific please ask and I’m sure I can get it printed.

Per Marquee= $35.00 plus shipping

Here’s the list available:
Under Defeat
Street Fighter X Tekken
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike with Chun Li
Street Fighter III 3rd Strike with Remy
Ibara Pink Sweets
Mushihimesama Futari Ver 1.5
Mame Arcade Marquee
Dodonpachi Saidaioujou
Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou
Dodonpachi Dai Ou Jou MBL
DeathSmiles MBL

Here’s a few snap shots I’ll post the rest soon (sorry for the not so great pics i used my iPhone, I’ll re-snap with my better camera when i get a chance) :

+1 for Cave love

Thanks, mdsfx. Gotta love Cave. :slight_smile: